『Heart’s Calling』平麻美子

Heart’s Calling

平 麻美子 – vocal   古谷 淳 – piano   安ヵ川 大樹 – bass 柴田 亮 – drums     広瀬 未来 – trumpet (3, 6, 7, 9) 吉本 章紘 – sax & flute (2, 3, 7, 9) 上杉 優 – trombone (3, 7, 9)

1 Skylark (6:09)   Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer
2 Everytime We Say Goodbye (2:50) Cole Porter 
~ I'm Glad There Is You (7:09)  aul Madeira & Jimmy Dorsey
3 Detour Ahead (5:53)  Lou Carter, Herb Ellis & John Frigo
4 Sometime Ago (4:52)  Sergio Mihanovich
5 You Turned The Tables On Me (4:27)Louis Alter & Sydney Mitchell
6 Ain't No Use (4:32) Leroy Kirkland & Sydney Wyche
7 Suddenly It's Spring (4:40)Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke
8 A Timeless Place (aka The Peacocks; 11:26)Jimmy Rowles & Norma Winston
9 Falling In Love With Love (3:26) Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart
~ Sketch (1:16) Miki Hirose & Mamiko Taira
10 Akai Fuusen (5:53)  Kyohei Tsutsumi & Kazumi Yasui

Total Time: 62:36


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『Memories 』田中菜緒子 

Memories  田中菜緒子

2.Sign of Spring
5.But Not For Me (G.&I.Gershwin)
7.Wall Street Blues
9.Nocturne op.48-1 (Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin)

Total time 54:24

All Songs Composed by Naoko Tanaka (except 5,9)

Naoko Tanaka – Piano
Koji Yasuda – Bass (except 9)
Masanori Ando – Drums (except 9)

With Guests
Yoshiro Okazaki Trumpet on 6, 8
Daiki Yasukagawa – Bass on 9

Recorded on October 4th,5th, 2014 at Tokyo Koiwa Orpheus Studio

Recording Engineer : Naoto Sugahara (Orpheus Studio)



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『Unconditional Love』コジマサナエ 廣木光一 安ヵ川大樹

Unconditional Love

member コジマサナエ (vo) / 廣木光一 (gt) / 安ヵ川大樹 (b)
Sanae Kojima – Vocal
Koichi Hiroki – Guitar
Daiki Yasukagawa – Bass

1.Come Rain or Come Shine  Johnny Mercer / Harold Arlen 
2.When I Fall In Love   Edward Heyman / Victor You 
3.白い花  コジマサナエ 
4.Overjoyed  Stevie Wonder 
5 Nica's Dream Horace Silver / Weaver Copeland 
6.突然の贈り物  大貫妙子 
7.Ribbon In The Sky Stevie Wonder 
8.Blue Skies   Irving Berlin 
9.Everything Happens To Me Tom Adair / Matt Dennis. 
10.救済  コジマサナエ 
11.Loving You♪  Richard Rudolph / Minnie Riperton 

Total time: 47:54 



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『Down By The Salley Gardens』西山瞳(p)・安ヵ川大樹(b) DUO

Down By The Salley Gardens

西山瞳 (p)   安ヵ川大樹 (b)
Hitomi Nishiyama-Piano
Daiki Yasukagawa-Bass 

1.Pescadores  Hitomi Nishiyama 
2.Softwind  Hitomi Nishiyama 
3.Hanagasa Ondo(花笠音頭)山形県民謡 Traditional 
4.Loca  Hitomi Nishiyama 
5.Down By The Salley Gardens  アイルランド民謡 Traditional 
6.Epigraph  Hitomi Nishiyama 
7.Alma   Hitomi Nishiyama 
8.Tairyo Utaikomi (大漁唄い込み)宮城県民謡  Traditional 
9.Whispering  Hitomi Nishiyama



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『Touch of Winter』Taihei Asakawa Trio / 浅川太平トリオ

Touch of Winter

浅川太平 (p), 安ヵ川大樹 (b), 則武 諒 (ds)
Taihei Asakawa-Piano Daiki
Ryo Noritake-Drums

1.Opening 3:12
2.Dream Garden 7:19
3.Sadtrack 5:06
4.Last Flower 6:30
5.Strings 5:40
6.Cold Sun 5:45
7.Distance 5:27
8.Home 8:09
10.Smoke 5:18
Total time: 59:14 
All Songs Composed by Taihei Asakawa


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『Close To You』Grace Mahya (vo) グレース・マーヤ

Close To You

Grace Mahya (vo) 
荻原 亮 Guitar
宮川 純   Piano, Rhodes
安ヵ川大樹 Bass
河村 亮   Drums

1. Dat Dere (Oscar Brown, Jr., Bobby Timmons) 
2. Close To You (Hal David, Burt Bacharach) 
3. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder) 
4. A Sentimental Journey (Bud Green, Les Brown, Ben Homer) 
5. One Note Samba (Newton Ferreira Mendonca, Antonio Carlos Jobim) 
6. Close Your Eyes (Bernice Petkere) 
7. In Your Own Sweet Way (Iora Brubeck, Dave Brubeck)
8. The Nearness Of You (Ned Washington, Hoagy Carmichael)
9. You Don't Know What Love Is (Don Raye, Gene De Paul)
10.Them There Eyes (Maceo Pinkard, Doris Tauber, William Tracey)
11.The Rose (Amanda McBroom) 

 Recorded on December 11th & 12th, 2012
at Yamanakako Music Inn Studio



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『PINGO 』 Akihiro Nishiguchi Quartet


西口明宏 (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Bells)
Hakuei Kim (Piano, Neovichord, Bells)
安ヵ川 大樹 (Bass, Bells)
大村 亘 (Drums, Tabla, Bells)

1. Pathos of Sunrise (7:13)
2. Scarecrow (4:54)
3. Was (4:34)
4. Ugnapiz (3:45)
5. Centro Ⅰ (8:29)
6. Centro Ⅱ (4:01)
7. Improvisation (1:07)
8. Möwe (5:16)
9. BSFA (5:06)
10. Baby and Bells (3:24)
Total time: 48:29
All Songs Composed by Akihiro Nishiguchi 
(except track 7)


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『Live at LIFETIME』New York Standards Quartet

Live at LIFETIME/ New York Standards Quartet

Tim Armacost(sax)
David Berkman(piano)
Gene Jackson(drum)

1. Sweet and Lovely (Coleman Hawkins) 12:26
2. For Heaven's Sake (Don Meyer, Elise Bretton, Sherman Edwards) 11:45
3. Giant Steps (John Coltrane) 9:00
4. Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter) 7:07
5. The Turnaround (Hank Mobley) 10:33
6. Hidden Fondness (David Berkman) 13:03

Recorded on 11th June2012 at LIFETIME


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『First Dragon』Hiroshi Murayama Trio

First Dragon

パリ在住ピアニスト村山浩。 リリカルに、そしてスリリングにスタンダード、

1. First dragon / ファーストドラゴン  7:35
2. Metamorphose / 変身  6:05
3. Determination / デターミネイション 5:16
4. Jeux d'hippocampes / 海馬の戯れ 8:18
5. Lennie bird ( Lennie Tristano ) / レニーバード 5:00
6. For the man / フォー ザ マン 9:20
7. Are we alone ? / アー ウィー アローン?  6:21
8. Autumn leaves ( Joseph Kosma ) 枯葉 7:20

Total time 55:17

All compositions by Hiroshi Murayama except tracks 5 & 8


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『El Cant Dels Ocells (鳥の歌) 』西山瞳(p)/安ヵ川大樹(b) Duo

El Cant Dels Ocells (鳥の歌)

ダイキムジカ DMCD-20「El Cant Dels Ocells」(鳥の歌) 西山瞳(p)/安ヵ川大樹(b) Duoアルバム。
二人の書き下ろしオリジナルや西山瞳アレンジ パブロ・カザルスの名演が有名な"鳥の歌"を山中湖ビクタースタジオの静謐な空間で収録! 

White Cloud Mountain Minnow(Hitomi Nishiyama) 
Kakeroma (Daiki Yasukagawa) 
Waiting For No One (Hitomi Nishiyama) 
Como Siento Yo (Ruben Gonzalez)
Dawn (Daiki Yasukagawa)
Lakeside (Hitomi Nishiyama)
Face Of Yesterday (Hitomi Nishiyama)
Voyage (Daiki Yasukagawa)
Pray For Japan (Daiki Yasukagawa)
El Cant Dels Ocells (Traditional)
2011/12/1 Recorded at Victor Sound Village Yamanakako Studio


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